i think you can learn a lot about a person from viewing what they take photos of. it shows what they care about and what inspires them.

 {yogi}  {light workers} #nofilter  {daddy, come ride on my space ship!}  {the doc is in}  {poolside snooze}  {noonals & curls}
 {glowing}  {little yogi}  {team meeting}  {fire in the sky}  {like a boss}  {ready for travel} ok, it's worth noting that when we were checking in, we turned around at one point and noticed that Saoirse had prepared Zion for travel on her own, saying "look daddy, now he's ready to go". Fair enough.
 {hey there, tiger}  {alright amigo, show me what you got}  {little lady}  {fruit lady}  {to infinity, and beyond!}  {incredible}
 {daddy, I'm just gonna get some fresh air for a couple while}  {good morning, mi amor}  {hey, i got this. you'll get your turn.}  {the light}  {eyes of wonder}  {go for takeoff}
   {are we ever getting out of here daddy?}  {i see you}  {ready to go, dad}  {little wonder}  {i feel the need / the need for speed}