What Are You Working For?

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I’ve always viewed my work, whatever it may be, as my art. It’s my contribution to the world. I’m going to give my best because I care, regardless of how it’s received. I care that it’s done well and that it serves someone else well or brings them some joy. I’ve never been motivated solely […]

Only As Big As You Make It

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Only As Big As You Make It

There are certainly many habits that make me who I am. I diligently work at being deliberate about all aspects of life and I think that’s a fundamental must. Then I work to create solid habits from that foundation. Everyone struggles, to some degree, with fear, stress, lack of confidence and various other worries. Then […]

We’re Gonna Need More Phils

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We’re Gonna Need More Phils

I met Philip almost three years ago on our first night in Mombasa. Ilea and I showed up at his eighth story flat in the center of town. He graciously welcomed two strangers into his home that was already overflowing with life (largely in the form of other travelers that also became close friends). He […]

The Easy Bowl

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The Easy Bowl

People crave comfort, security and ease. We have a long history of attempting to make life an easier ride. We call it “progress”. Towards what? Just like anyone else, I appreciate when something like communication or transportation or design is made easier through technology. That type of innovation enables me to more of what I […]

Stop Moving On

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Stop Moving On

The Westgate battle is over. 67 lives were taken. Al-Shabab made it clear that their malice and bigotry is both strategic and boundless. If you want to get people’s attention, hit what they care about most; money. How do you do that? Instill fear in the expat (foreign) community that contributes so much to the […]

Choosing Empathy

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In order to truly serve humanity, we must develop and foster our ability to empathize. There must be a constant flexing of our empathetic muscles. We must embrace the risk of deeply engaging with other humans. It opens us up to disappointment, hurt, confusion, difficulty, betrayal and the unknown. When you empathize, you allow your […]

The People With Power

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“The power in people is so much stronger than the people in power.” {Bono} Now, more than ever, the people have the power. We have the knowledge, access and the tools for change. We have the ability to create momentum and alter the status quo like never before. We are democratizing our global society more and more each day. […]

Hold Fast

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If you want to be a world changer, you must embrace your idealism. Hold fast to your ideals so passionately that your life becomes a mechanism for bringing them into fruition, no matter how outlandish. Today, more than ever, it’s easy to be an idealist. We have more information, connectivity and inspiration at our fingertips […]

Write A Story Worth Telling

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We’ve all contemplated the questions, “what is life about” and “why are we here”. I contemplate them daily. There’s almost a gravitational pull towards letting life get away from us. Life tends to live us, rather than the other way around. But we all have an opportunity to paint a beautiful picture on the canvas […]

The Power of Perspective

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What is perspective? It’s how we view the world; the lens we see through. It’s the platform from which we make decisions. It dictates how we react to the world around us. Every experience influences our perspective. The more experiences we have, the more robust and powerful our perspective becomes. Life happens, and those experiences […]