I find great joy in creating, problem-solving,
identifying the essence of something,
developing a strategy, and crafting an experience.

The definition of the term “Branding" can be a bit complicated and even illusory. Over the years, it’s taken on many forms and meant many things.
Here's my personal take on the concept of a brand.

A brand refers to the expression of character and unique experience of a particular business, individual or event.

Bono is a brand.

We can easily begin listing out the elements of his brand.

Rock star, sun glasses, philanthropist, poet, romantic, rebel, pop icon, trend setter, influencer, unifier, and so on.

Apple and Starbucks have developed a distinct and consistent brand experience. You know exactly what to expect from both of them, and you, in fact, expect them to live up to it.


Branding is about relationships, nuance, and culture.

Your brand is a communication, the language you speak.

The branding process requires you to understand the behaviors, motivations, and fears of those you wish to serve with your product or services.

In its best form, branding is a deliberately crafted strategy designed to compel your audience to act or understand something more deeply.


A brand is an environment you create.

An expectation you fulfill.

A communication.

A personality.

A reputation.

It influences your audience’s perspective.

I often say, “Your brand represents the soul of your business”.

And everything derives from the soul.


Everyone has a personality.

Therefore we all have our own brand.

The same is true of a business, charity, place, or event.


That experience may be extremely deliberate. And it may be completely random or even chaotic.

But the experience exists regardless of the attention given to its creation.

This is how I define a brand. 

And, this is what I do. I help people navigate this delicate dance.
And as you can imagine, it can take many different forms.

But it's always a beautiful journey.



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What is a Virtual Brand Architect?

Well, I made it up, so I can define it.


Obviously, the concept of brand covers a lot of ground from my perspective. For clarity, sometimes it's helpful to just replace the word brand with experience.  


Here are the roles I often play as a Virtual Brand Architect. If you find that one of these represents what you’re looking for, I may be your guy.

Brand Coaching
Philanthropy Consulting
Virtual Brand Developer
Virtual Strategist
Event Design
Creating World Peace…

I also conduct a series of Workshops and Talks.
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As a Brand Architect, I help people expand their perspective, bolster their imagination, develop a grand vision, and articulate the essence of that vision in a way that is compelling to their audience.

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