Perspective is at the root of all reality. It forms our truths, beliefs and fears. The maladies of the world are merely symptoms of that collective consciousness. Despite adverse circumstances, everyone possesses the power to transform their own perspective. Once your perspective is altered, it begins to echo out throughout your lifestyle and vocation.

If you want to be an effective philanthropist, you must first invest in a worldview perspective and beging to exemplify your ideals.

We must resist the temptations of comfort, the illusions of safety and the artificial security of apathy. We must strip away the fear that divides us. I believe it is time to adopt the principles of indigenous cultures that thrived through interdependence, balance and harmony.

If we truly desire peace and authentic happiness for humanity, we must invest in deepening our understanding of our place and purpose in this universe. We must recognize and embrace our interconnectedness. Only then, can we truly thrive.

We must transform our fears into love and begin to form new habits, beliefs and social agreements. Our world was designed to operate in perfect harmony. But the revolution begins within. Only then do you have the eyes to truly see the answers we seek.


lakota_teachings2I believe it’s time for society to integrate the profound wisdom of the Lakota ways into today’s culture so we may begin to heal our perspectives and live in harmony with the earth and all of its inhabitants. Click here to read more about the Lakota wisdom principles I teach.

ubuntu_philosophy_image2Ubuntu is a South African philosophy based in the bantu language and culture. The philosophy is often encapsulated in the colloquial phrase “I am, because of who we all are”, meaning I am an amalgamation of the influence of all the humans I’ve experienced. Click here to learn more about the ubuntu philosophy and principles I teach from. 

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