Everyone that cares about the wellbeing of humanity is faced with contemplating how they might leverage their time and resources to give back, to help others in some way. Why? Because you care and you feel some sense of responsibility to contribute to a more peaceful and harmonious world.

But how? How does one serve effectively? There is enough information available to us through the Internet that most people are well aware of concepts such as “dead aid” and how our efforts to help often result in contributing to the very problem we’ve set out to solve, or creates a new one. We know that not all methods of altruism are actually helpful.

So how do we help? How do we serve effectively? How do we reimagine philanthropy, aid and missions? How do we ensure that we’re not contributing to the problem or creating new problems? How do we avoid fostering dependency and entitlement?

If you want to dive deep into this discussion and commit yourself to at least twelve months of conversations, troubleshooting and strategizing with an eclectic group of likeminded philanthropists and executives, this mastermind group is for you. 


To serve as a think tank and forum for authentic conversations about unorthodox, innovative approaches to philanthropy.

To cultivate long term, transformational methods of philanthropy that bolster spiritual alignment and elevate the human experience.

Our purpose is to evolve into love through our individual and collective journeys; to foster authentic relationships and spiritual alignment. Just be love.


1. All living beings and nature are intrinsically interconnected.
2. Our purpose is to evolve into love through our individual and collective journeys.
3. The most effective philanthropic efforts are founded in authentic relationships and community.
4. We cannot give to others what is not overflowing from ourselves.
5. True philanthropy transforms perspectives and lifestyles and elevates the human experience.


Areas of Focus

We discuss a wide array of topics, but there are some areas of special interest that always serve as foundational elements in our discussions. 
  • Quality of life and the human experience
  • Regenerative agricultural practices (permaculture)
  • Self actualization and enlightenment
  • Authentic relationships and community development 
  • Perspective investment and transformation 

Collective Commitments
The mastermind group serves as a think tank and forum for authentic conversations about unorthodox, innovative approaches to philanthropy. The group consists of high level leaders and philanthropists from an eclectic array of faiths, cultures and vocations.

Members of group must be fully dedicated with their time, resources and mind according to the following commitments.

1. Twelve month collective commitment
2. $330 per month investment
3. 30 – 45 minute weekly phone meetings and email correspondence
4. Occasional involvement (time, resources, ideas) in philanthropic endeavors carried out by the group
5. Quarterly gatherings in Nashville, TN

Our income helps us conduct quarterly gatherings where all members meet in Nashville, TN to have face to face discussions and a community experience. We often bring in speakers and teachers to facilitate investments in our perspective and grow from the wisdom and experiences of others.

The Experience
As a member of the collective, you will enjoy the following benefits.

1. A deep, authentic community of leaders with a passion for cultivating unorthodox and innovative approaches to philanthropy.
2. Transformational and experiential quarterly gatherings amongst the members.
3. Access to an extraordinary network of philanthropic individuals, organizations and ventures.
4. Advice and wisdom from life-long philanthropists from around the globe.
5. Authentic conversations about the deep and often neglected elements of philanthropy that are seldom discussed.

This is an intimate and authentic group that engages in deep thought and conversations. It’s a space to be vulnerable and honest about solving some of the world’s most impacting problems.


Are you ready to join a collective of high level philanthropist and deepen your contribution to cultivating a more harmonious world? If so, contact me and we’ll set up a phone call  to see if the Conscious Philanthropy Collective is the right fit for you. I look forward to connecting! 



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