I unearth the essence of things in order to create strategies and remarkable experiences that inspire alignment with nature, humanity, and Spirit.

I am a Brand Architect and Philanthropist. For 20 years I have created strategies, brands, campaigns, events, and teachings that help us re-imagine philanthropy and transform perspectives. I coach and consult for individuals, brands, and governments across the globe and I’m on a lifelong quest to contribute to a more harmonious world.

I’ve consulted for organizations and movements such as American Indian Movement, Keep a Child Alive, Genocide Intervention Fund, ONE Campaign, International Justice Mission, Lawyers Without Borders, Save Darfur, Human Rights Watch, Freedom House, USAID, and the governments of the United States, Nigeria, Rwanda, and Kenya. In 2012 I co-authored the book Wisdom Meets Passion with NYT best selling author, Dan Miller.

I believe we are all extraordinary beings created to thrive through deep relationships, nature, spirituality, and creativity. My purpose is to contribute to a more harmonious world by inspiring others to embrace a perspective rooted in love and interconnectedness.

My travels include twelve years of exploring from coast to coast in the United States, a decade living and working full time in East Africa and almost two years soaking in the pure life of Costa Rica. I currently live just outside my hometown of Nashville, TN with my wife and three of our four children. Together, we are committed to inspiring the world to align with love.



Over the last year, I've been compiling a list of people, books, films and other teachings that have inspired and informed my perspective. I update it weekly. If you're interested in checking out this resource list on my podcast site, CLICK HERE.


I am, first and foremost, a philanthropist. My perspective is rooted in my reverence for our innate, cosmic interconnectedness. I've articulated my perspective on philanthropy HERE and included some of my podcast episodes on the subject. 


My father, Dan Miller, is a best selling author on discovering a purposeful, meaningful career. He’s also one of my closest friends. I’m grateful for all he has taught me through the years, and specifically, the perspective he bestowed upon me.

While I was living with my family in Mombasa, Kenya, on the Indian Ocean coast, he asked me to collaborate on a book with him. Naturally, I was honored and excited. Wisdom Meets Passion is the result.

Today we face a unique dichotomy between the wisdom of the Baby Boomer generation and the passion of Generation Y. According to Wisdom Meets Passion, the question is not which is right, but rather how can the two work together?

Wisdom, meet passion. Passion, wisdom.

By bringing these two voices to the issue, this book takes readers through familiar plights, such as understanding the American Dream, the quest for security, and work that matters—regardless of age. Through candid storytelling, Dan Miller and Jared Angaza uncover various generational approaches to work, money, success, and relationships, proving that it is possible to be both passionate and wise.

Order the book (Kindle, iTunes, etc.) here on Amazon.


Here are a few highlights from over the years. These are experiences I cherish. My intention is to provide a window into some of my journeys. 

// Developed brands across East Africa, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

// Liberated 49 Rwanda women from the clutches of sex slavery and trained them for work in various careers across Rwanda that afforded them income, safety and a path to dignity.

// Worked diligently to promote gender, racial and economic equality.

// Co-wrote a bill protecting women’s rights in Rwanda that passed through Parliament and has become a Rwandan law.

// Founded and operated an ethical fashion label in Kigali, Rwanda.

// Co-founded and operated as Brand Director of a Let_it_grow creative agency in Nairobi, Kenya that has developed some of Kenya’s most influential brands.

// Designed a comprehensive campaign for a major human rights organization to bolster the effectiveness of Civil Society across Kenya.

// Developed the strategy and brand experience for a revolutionary micro credit venture for USAID.

// Orchestrated a four day workshop to help Sudan’s top activists improve the long term effectiveness of their campaign efforts.

// Consulted for the governments of the United States, Nigeria, Rwanda and Kenya in the areas of economic and gender equality, business development, and innovations in philanthropy, aid, campaign development and strategy.

// Co-authored the book Wisdom Meets Passion with his father, NYT best selling author, Dan Miller.


I'd love to connect with you. If you're interested in Creating Together, Collaborating or just having a chat, please email me so we can explore together. 


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Lifelong philanthropist and philosopher, Jared Angaza holds a space for evocative discussions on philosophy, science, consciousness, politics, and culture. How do we utilize the wisdom of indigenous cultures, sages, and revolutionaries to forge a path towards peace and unity? The intention of the show is to inspire you to live deliberately and to come into alignment with nature, humanity, and Spirit.

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In October of 2017, I launched a mastermind group with my business partner Jaime Jay. It's a culmination of all of my branding, coaching, philanthropy, and scientific studies. And...it's fun. Life should be fun.

So we started a mastermind group to help people live a more exciting
joy filled life. 




People actively and open-mindedly seeking inspiration and education that will bolster their journey towards personal alignment with nature, humanity, and Spirit.

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