A Story About Loving Human Beings

This is a brief look into my personal perspective on philanthropy. 

It's not just something Richard Branson does with his millions. 

Philanthropy is a natural expression of humanity.

As we expand our own abilities to express empathy and compassion,
we are opened up to a new world of possibility and deep connection.

If you love humans and organize your priorities and lifestyle around our collective vitality, you are a philanthropist.


I’ve been deeply engaged in altruistic behavior for over 25 years. I’ve studied human behavior, spirituality, economics, and lots of other social and scientific research.

Along the way, I’ve noticed some patterns and alternative ways of looking at the most persistent maladies of the world.

I’ve taken some of those studies and formulated them into a brief manifesto designed to help you understand the nature and possibility of philanthropy.

I also believe that philanthropy is such an innate element of our humanity that we cannot be fully human in its absence.
It’s part of us.

This is just as much about what it means to be a human as what it means to be a philanthropist. I believe they are synonymous.

I hope this study provides you with some useful language and perspectives to deepen your human experience and enhance your philanthropic endeavors.


This whole thing started when I was giving a brief talk to a mastermind group of highly successful entrepreneurs a couple of years ago.

They asked me to relay my perspective on philanthropy and how they might understand it better. 

I sketched out the beginnings of this infrastructure below on a piece of paper and that served as the outline for my talk that day. Since then, I'm been refining and improving it. 

This slide below is the heart of the Natural Born Philanthropist manifesto. No need to wait for the reveal. However, there's a lot of context in the full presentation that will bring it to life. 



This is a brief manifesto that articulates some insight and perhaps some wisdom I’ve gained through 25 years of activism, philanthropy, and ardent studies of consciousness, culture, and human behavior.

I've included a list of strategic and contemplative questions to ask yourself as you deepen your philanthropic lifestyle.

So many people along my path invested in me by challenging and guiding me. I'm so grateful for that. 
Now I'm grateful to have the opportunity to share some of those blessings with you. 


I put this little manifesto together to provide you with some strategic tools and lenses to utilize as you lean into your natural philanthropic design. 

This perspective has afforded me a life of depth and meaning for which I'm extremely grateful. Now I'm passing that blessing on to you.

I wish you peace on your journey! 


Now you've had a bit of an intro to the concept.
Click the button to download the full manifesto.  

Please feel free to share it widely.
It was made for that purpose. 


Here are two podcast episodes I created that articulate a lot of my thoughts on philanthropy. They were released in 2017 on my podcast, Noetic (formerly Inipi Radio). 

The Delicate Dance of Compassionate Acts: PART ONE

To see the full show notes and resources, please CLICK HERE.

The Delicate Dance of Compassionate Acts:

To see the full show notes and resources, please CLICK HERE.



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