i think you can learn a lot about a person from viewing what they take photos of. it shows what they care about and what inspires them.

 {sunburst}  {beauty}  beautiful rainbow {never gets old}  d dawg  nairobi gnomb  {wanderer}
 this dude almost ate my trout  party till you drop {family philosophy}  {moon crawler}  mixin {old school hip hop}  chillin' with uncle tim {or "teem",as she affectionately calls him}  she's complete
 {soul baby}  {little soul mates}  {beach lover}  {little wonder}  {happiness}  the inking continues...
 how can i help ya?  {dream walking} #cousins  son of a....  stylin'  {little beauty}  simon {driver + body guard}
 {tell me everything}  {happiness}  last minute call before departure {on the lotion phone}  nairobi beach party {saoirse & madeline}  {little thinker}  {the vulture}