i think you can learn a lot about a person from viewing what they take photos of. it shows what they care about and what inspires them.

 {peanut butter face}  {this is the way we sweep the steps, sweep the steps, sweep the steps...}  {sun chaser}  {playtime in the park}  {safe chillaxing}  {just doin' a lil shavin'}
 {i'm drivin' the big boat, dad!}  {trecking}  {beach forrest strollin'}  {fashionista}  {little fibonacci}  {writing her new blog on world peace}
 {interconnected}  {walkabout}  {beach dog cafe}  {more plantains please}  {little wanderer}  {electric youth}
 {Good night, good night! Parting is such sweet sorrow, That I shall say good night till it be morrow.}  {the shire}  {jaguar tamer}  {little cherub}  {little water girl}  {hello, darling}
 {no daddy, it's my hat}  {i just don't feel like you're a very good listener...}  {recharging}  {talk to me}  BREAKING NEWS: Stonehenge Explained  {sunday waffles}