inipi is a wisdom and lifestyle brand that cultivates
organic living, wonder, and planetary evolution.


We are a collective of teachers, students, healers and philanthropists with a vision to help further our planetary evolution. At Camp Inipi, we host camp, culinary and teaching experiences designed to inspire people to align with love.
We host our own events and programs, as well as gatherings from outside organizations and individuals such as lectures, culinary gatherings, small concerts, art exhibits, workshops, camps, retreats, trainings, and cultural events.

Inipi is designed to be an experience, to hold space for authentic human connection, alignment with nature and spiritual growth.


We teach and create experiences around the following three guiding concepts.

Organic Living
Organic elements are alive, able to grow through interconnectedness. Our homes become a haven of peace when we foster a lifestyle of peace and freedom, in harmony with the Earth and all of her inhabitants.

We are most alive and connected with the Divine through creative expression, wonder and imagination. We were designed to create and to thrive through awe inspiring experiences and nature. Inipi promotes slow and deliberate living, deep awareness and a life of wonder.

Planetary Evolution
We develop experiences to transfer the wisdom of indigenous cultures and sages that promote interdependence, peace, consciousness, self actualization and alignment. The wisdom of our ancestors is integral to our evolution.

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