Love Like Water is a one day immersion workshop designed to help parents transform their perspective of the purpose and opportunity of cultivating a conscious family. The traditional belief that we must simply endure the never ending battle of parenting is a choice, rather than an inevitability. Your children enter this human existence as divine, limitless souls. And they choose you to participate in their epic journey. What an honor! The more you choose to embrace them as limitless beings, the easier your family can enter into the sacred flow of life.

Many parents feel they must shelve their path to enlightenment until their children are grown and out of the home. We feel parenting is actually an opportunity to escalate the self actualization process, for both the parents and children. We view it as a symbiotic learning and refining process that we consider a divine gift.

So much of our path to enlightenment has been about the process of unlearning the negative programming we were taught as children. Wouldn’t it be a beautiful gift for your children to be spared from that programming, to allow them to begin their planetary existence from an enlightened perspective? 

In this workshop, you’ll learn about everything from science and biology to creativity, education and purpose. Our goal is to help you and your family learn how to “flow like water” and align with love.

This workshop is for parents, soon to be parents and completely unorthodox families and communities. If you consider your group of humans a family, come and join us!

You’ll learn about everything from science and biology to creativity, education and purpose. Our goal is to help you and your family learn how to “flow like water” and evolve into love. We never know what we’ll unearth in our sessions, and we certainly leave it open to evolve organically. But here are a few highlights to let you know a bit about what you can expect.

  1. Transform your perspective of the roles and opportunity of parent and child.
  2. Creating a haven of peace in your home.
  3. Learning to “flow like water” and connect with your children. 
  4. The importance of fostering creativity and imagination.
  5. Discovering purpose and living deliberately and united, both as individuals and as a family unit.
  6. Why we shouldn’t tease, play rough or intentionally scare our children. 
  7. Choosing inspiration and freedom over domination and control.
  8. The magic of nature to foster peace,  gratitude and creativity in your family. 
  9. Facing vulnerability and shame and the importance of building confidence. 
  10. Finding the balance in healthy eating and exercise and inspiring your children to live healthy lives.
  11. Flipping-the-script in times of chaos. Peaceful conflict resolution without a fight. 
  12. The importance and role of culture and environment.
  13. The importance of self care so you can set the example and be your best for your family.
  14. The myths of time and how to transform your experience of it. 
  15. Raising mindful, aware and engaged children that are inspired to connect and be love to others.

Personal & Interactive

This workshop is not just a time for listening to the Angazas give advice. This is an interactive workshop where we all engage in a conversation. We leave the door open for creativity and mystery. Each workshop is complete unique.

Each participant (or couple) is asked to fill out a profile questionnaire with some pretty heavy hitting questions. Things like, “what do you value most as a family?” and “what are your biggest ongoing struggles as parents?”. We study all the profiles before the workshop and incorporate your stories and questions into the workshop as we go. We like to use real examples from the group as we discuss insights and wisdom.

And don’t worry, if you have any info you wish to be kept private, there is a little check box next to the answers that says “I prefer to keep this info private”. We’ll always respect your privacy. This experiences should feel safe and honest.

One Day Workshop
10:00 AM /  8:00 PM
Catered, Plant Based Lunch & Dinner
{no dairy, meat, GMO, gluten or processed foods}

The workshop consists of Twenty 15 minute Sessions (5 hours)
plus breaks, lunch and dinner, totaling about 8 hours.

Bonus Materials
Stories and Advice from Mindful Parents (video series)
Fillable Worksheets
Family Vision Discovery Tool
Healthy Eating Resource Page
Essential Book List
Essential Website, Organization & Guru List
Inspirational Fridge Memes (printable)
“Just Be Love” art for your home

If you would like for the Angazas to conduct the Love Like Water workshop at your event, please contact us with details so we can choose a date and calculate pricing.

From time to time, the Angazas conduct a private workshop in Nashville, TN. Pricing varies depending on the venue and size of the group. Please check for event schedules.



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