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A Dynamic Duo

robinah is a true revolutionary. a celebrity would be lucky to link up with someone as capable and charismatic as robinah.

I’ve been writing a lot about celebrity philanthropy lately. Suffice it to say, it has been the topic of many conversations lately amongst friends here in Kenya.

I’m a supporter of celebrity philanthropy. When a celebrity uses their power to support a great organization, cause or campaign, I consider that a success for mankind.

There are some methods that are better than others, for sure.

Typically, a celebrity will be exposed to a cause or campaign, latch on to it, and use their fame to support an organization that addresses those issues. The system is quite effective, and generally represents a large portion of the marketing focus for a non-profit or social venture.

Many other celebrities will find a cause they are passionate about and will actually start a new charity to address those issues. In my opinion, there is much less need for this type of methodology. Unless you’re committed to devoting your life to the cause, don’t start a charity. That goes for anyone, not just celebrities.

I’d like to throw out sort of a celebrity challenge, for more effective philanthropy from their world.

There are thousands of amazing philanthropists around the world that have devoted their lives to their work. They live it, day in and day out. Their work is their life, and they are grateful for it.

These philanthropists are not typically famous, wealthy or able to influence the masses. Their work often goes unnoticed by the masses. They work in remote parts of the world and live lives very different from most of the rest of society.

They know how to stretch a dollar farther than you can possibly imagine. They know how to survive on virtually nothing at all and they know what true suffering is because they see it daily.

Now enters the celebrity.

I challenge celebrities of all types, not to go out and find a cause or organization to support, but to spend their time seeking out these individuals. Find them. Learn about them. Spend time with them. Know them.

Then, use your celebrity power to support their work.

They know what needs to be done on the ground. They just need the funding and influence to make their ideas come into fruition.

If you’re a celebrity and you want to make a positive impact on the world, seek these people out and support them. This type of collaboration could be the most powerful movement that philanthropy has ever seen.

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  1. Ashley on November 14, 2011 at 7:14 PM

    I love this. And yes, I can definitely envision my girls doing just this thing. I love collaboration vs merely trying to re-invent the wheel. Great post!

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