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Choosing Empathy

In order to truly serve humanity, we must develop and foster our ability to empathize. There must be a constant flexing of our empathetic muscles.

We must embrace the risk of deeply engaging with other humans. It opens us up to disappointment, hurt, confusion, difficulty, betrayal and the unknown.

When you empathize, you allow your mind to experience something outside your own reality. In essence, you are provide a conduit for our soul to connect with another’s, for better or worse.

Empathy creates a relationship; one with the potential to elate or shatter us.

Life is easier when we keep to ourselves and create a habit of compartmentalizing and keeping humanity at arms length. They say ignorance is bliss. For most, ignorance is a choice. A choice not to engage more deeply with humanity.

But we can choose to go deeper; to allow ourselves to empathize. To truly understand the lives of others. To experience life more intensely. To open ourselves up to the extraordinary relationships and experiences discovered only through difficulty. To allow ourselves to be truly human.

As always, the choice is our own.


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