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Clayton Connolly

TYPE | Lifestyle Strategist & Real Estate Agent

SERVICE | brand strategy, business development, visual identity, brand identity

YEAR | 2018 - 2019



When Clayton came to me, he was struggling to figure out how to grow his real estate business. However, as we began the Integrated Identity process, we quickly discovered that he was really struggling with his own identity. So we began the process of asking the big questions like, "Who are you?" and "Why are you here?". All along the process, we knew we ultimately had to leverage that identity to grow his business. 

We found out that what he really wants is to be recognized for his contribution to the local Ocean Beach community in San Diego. So we built the brand around that goal.

We worked together to clearly articulate a list of his greatest value to his target demographic. That exercise alone was pure magic. We got clear about his own vision and values and the impact he wanted to make. And then we determined what type of lifestyle he wants to live and what he'd need to do to make that happen. Then we designed the brand to facilitate that mission.

Clayton's Brand Mantra
I am an Authenticist and lifestyle strategist. I leverage my intuition and creativity to help you live a life of authenticity, community, and mastery.

We had a multitude of profound discoveries along the way. Clayton ultimately brought his wife Jessica into the mix as our sessions got deeper. Jessica also provided some amazing feedback that helped us to unearth the essence of Clayton. It was an extremely intense and emotional process for all of us. And it's one I'm grateful to have had the opportunity to experience. 

It was an honor to work with someone with such a benevolent mission and such passion for his work. I happen to live in Clayton's neighborhood and I'm so grateful for the important work he does to keep it authentic and welcoming for conscious families. 

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