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Comfort Is Not Extraordinary

Ilea and I were recently in NYC having dinner with our close friends Kerry and Al and Chris. Chris suggested we go to a small concert down the street. I was tired from meetings all day and said I’d rather not, but I would do it because I know I always enjoy it when I do. I made a deliberate decision to deny my momentary comfort in exchange for a possible adventure.

We sat in a quaint little bar occupied by about 50 people. It was snowing outside and absolutely beautiful. People were throwing snowballs in the city streets and we were with close friends.

We were there to see a relatively unheard of group, Fangbanger. As it turns out, this was no ordinary band. It was none other than Sasha Dobson and Norah Jones. Norah’s voice was angelic. The evening was absolutely perfect and memorable.

How many adventures do you miss out on due to your propensity towards comfort? You stay in bed longer and miss your workout because you are more comfortable in bed for that moment. You habitually put of that big project because it’s bound to be time consuming and taxing.

You plan around your comfort, preemptively saying no to anything that would cause you momentary discomfort. You defeat yourself before you even try. “I can’t do that, I’m too scared (of discomfort)” or “I don’t think I’m available that day.”

Think of how many times per day the people you admire deny momentary discomfort in order to achieve extraordinary levels of success. High achievers are driven by dreams, faith and discipline.

Ones level of success could be directly related to ones frequency of choosing life, adventure, whimsy and doing the difficult thing first over settling on what is most comfortable at the time.

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  1. Nina Nelson on March 6, 2011 at 11:53 PM

    Great point Jared. I do that all the time – it’s a habit I’m trying very hard to break. Which is how I came to meet you and everyone else at the Don Miller conference.:) In my experience I’ve found that comfort = mediocrity. No thank you.

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