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Excuse Me, Your Style Is Speaking

We say “a picture is worth a thousand words”, and that certainly makes sense. The same phenomenon applies to fashion.

We don’t always feel comfortable talking to strangers in places where people congregate, such as  nightclubs, coffee shops or on public transportation. But it’s to be expected that you will see cliques of people similarly dressed or styled standing closer to one another, or even striking up a bit of small talk.

We say something about who we are through our style. There’s no denying it. Our style allows us to fit into some crowds and often excludes us from others. I’m nearly covered in tattoos. When I walk into a Subway and see another tattooed fellow, I’d likely give him a friendly nod in recognition of our commonality in this eclectic world.

We feel more comfortable with people that look, act, speak like we do. Since the beginning of time, fashion has served as a powerful form of communication. Consequently fashion has helped to weave the fabric of our many different societies. So, for those who believe fashion is petty or inconsequential, I’d have to disagree.

Like it or not, our outward appearance is all many people ever know of us. Think of that person you see in the coffee shop every day and have never talked to. You’d be lying to yourself if denied having some sort of notion about what type of person they are based on their style.

Our style speaks for us often more frequently than our words. It’s a powerful phenomenon. What is yours saying?

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