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Faith & Patience

Recently I wrote about my 2017 New Years Intention to become more patient. Obviously, that’s an ongoing process, and now I’m working into some deeper elements. 

Ultimately, I’ve come to the conclusion that patience not only requires one to have faith, it also implies that you have faith that what you want or need is coming to you and that it will arrive in divinely orchestrated timing.

If you can truly believe that, there’s never any need to rush things or get impatient. 

In each moment, we have the opportunity to imagine a harmonious outcome. That’s the first act of deliberation. To take it up a notch, then we need to work our way into actually believing that it's the most likely outcome even when there is overwhelming data that would indicate otherwise. 

That’s true faith; to deny the understanding of your logical mind to follow the will of your heart.  

Patience is a sort of optimism. 

And faith and patience are intrinsically intertwined. 

When I get into a situation that is frustrating or angering, I have to deliberately tap the breaks, take a breath, realize the opportunity, imagine the best outcome, and then put my belief into it; to really feel it as if it’s already happened. 

It sounds like a lot, but it all happens in a split second. The more I do it, the more subconscious it becomes, the more it becomes my natural response. 

And that feels absolutely beautiful. 

(Of course, I don't always get my desired outcome. But I still believe it was the outcome I needed.) 

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