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Formless: Gratitude for Wayne Dyer

wayne_dyerAs a young child, I remember seeing a copy of “Your Erroneous Zones” on the coffee table in our living room. I remember wondering what that big word meant and who that crazy looking guy was on the cover.

I’ve heard Wayne Dyer’s name spoken amongst my friends and family for most of my life. However, it wasn’t until more recent years that I began to truly understand his philosophy and apply it to my life.

I’ve spent the large majority of my life reading books for the purpose of self actualization. I read incessantly about philosophy, psychology, science, biology, history, mysticism and spirituality. Over the last few years, I’ve read a lot of authors that seem to combine all of these elements rather seamlessly. The melding of these principles has always felt very natural for me.

My life has been profoundly influenced by the more modern day teachings of Marianne Williamson, Deepak Chopra, Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins, Napoleon Hill, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Rupert Sheldrake, Esther and Jerry Hicks, Stephen Hawking, Nikola Tesla, Carl Sagan , and Jiddu Krishnamaruti.

I’ve also spent the last fifteen years in ardent studies of the ancient teachers and ascended masters such as Lao Tzu, Sun Tzu, Jesus, Buddha, Rumi, Hafez, Yogananda, St. Germain and scores of others. My in depth studies of the Art of War, the Hagakure and the Tao Te Ching are ultimately what formed the foundation of my core beliefs and philosophy that I hold today.

Wayne’s expansion teachings of the Tao Te Ching in his book, “Change Your Thoughts – Change Your Life” absolutely rocked me. It breathed a whole new level of understanding of its principles indelibly into my psyche. These are the principles I live by and that I am thoughtfully and intentionally transferring to my children.

Wayne has always been floating around in my life, almost as if he was waiting for me to reach out and listen. Over the last five years, I’ve experienced a significant shift in my consciousness, and consequently my perspective and priorities.

I experienced a scenario where I created my own hell while living in Nairobi. I was fortunate enough to realize that it wasn’t Nairobi’s fault. It was a belief I’d created in my mind. It was the lens I saw through. A belief system that prevented me from seeing anything other than the elements of humanity that eat away at my soul.

I was caught in this almost surreal dynamic where I knew enough about the universe to understand that I was in fact creating my own reality, but I wasn’t yet strong enough to pull myself out of the mire I had manifested. So I toiled. At times, I felt I was going mad. But I have always been an optimist. I’ve always believed that peace is within our grasp, internally and amongst all humanity.

So once again I chose to “flip the script”, as we say. We decided to move out of Nairobi and explore new adventures, and to spend that time focusing on peace and happiness for our family. We knew enough to believe in a brighter future, but we certainly didn’t have a plan in place, or even the means to take the risk. But we did, as we always do.

Over the last couple years, I’ve had this amazing experience where every time I read a book or see a film, it’s as if it was divinely orchestrated to drop into my path at this precise time. Everything I read and watched resonated deeply at a soul level, as if it was created specifically for me. I understand now that this is what it feels like to be in that sacred flow of life.

Wayne always said, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” I can certainly testify that this is true. We have to be ready to listen and willing to make a change. We must be fertile soil in which these trees can grow and produce the fruits we are seeking. It’s a constant refining process and integral element of our journey.

I’ve soaked in so much knowledge over the years. And from it, I have gained a lot of understanding and a bit of wisdom. But it wasn’t until I began listening to Wayne’s teachings that all of the principles truly became part of my inner being. I needed a teacher that I could relate to. When I read Wayne’s “I Can See Clearly Now”, I felt so connected to him and his story.

His teachings resonate with my soul more than anyone else I’ve ever learned from. My family and friends are used to me talking about and referring to Wayne in daily conversation, as if he’s part of the family. I quote him constantly. And his voice is always in my head, patiently reminding me that I am creating my own reality through every thought I choose to focus my attention. He inspired me to live in a state of gratitude and to seek joy.

I am so grateful for Wayne and the principles he stood for. He truly exemplified his ideals and was a profound example of love, patience and kindness. His life was extraordinary. Through his example, he liberated my soul and gave me the tools to live a life of love and abundance. He taught me to soar, and to remain formless and limitless.

Thank you Wayne for your endless love of humanity and the gifts you gave us all through your wisdom. Once again, you are formless. I sense your presence often, and I am grateful.

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