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I Don't Want to Grow Up

People often start conversations by asking, “where did you grow up”? That always inspires me to contemplate, “ Did I grow up?”. That wasn’t ever a goal of mine. Without kids, we want to raise them with the Peter Pan perspective that anything is possible through imagination and faith. 
We can all live in wonderland. It’s a choice and a matter of faith in the benevolence of the universe. 
I don’t want to grow up, I just want to be conscious, to be wakened to the Divine within everything. I want to gain wisdom and integrate it into my life and mature in my perspective and faith. I want to deepen my experience and connection to the cosmos. 
But the general notion behind growing up is to become what society views as an “adult”, and I’ve always been turned off by that. I think true adulthood is represented more by a person’s willingness to integrate their faith and their commitment to harmonize their life and live in the flow (wu wei). 
“What do you want to be when you grow up” could evolve into “Who do you want to be as you mature?” 
I’m not interested in “growing up” in the traditional sense. I’m very motivated to mature and further awaken. I’m willing to release my old stories and beliefs (cognitive biases) that hold me back. For my kiddos, I just want to foster an environment that enables them to embody consciousness and humanity, and to choose love above all that stands against it. 
In our home, “growing up” speaks to a desire to mature, awaken, connect deeply, to be vulnerable and authentic and to always make the loving choice, no matter the circumstances. 
What does growing up look like for you? 

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