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It’s About Dignity

I wanted to build businesses in Africa because I knew it could help generate a sustainable income. It could free them from dependency on donors and connect them to the same market that allows the western world to thrive economically. I picked the fashion industry above all others because it exemplifies sustainability in its resilience to the ebb and flow of our economy.

KEZA provides women with a sustainable income, but equally as important, it allows them to experience DIGNITY. That’s something a donation or handout can’t buy. It’s something experienced only through a process of achievement. It cannot be given to you.

The women own and operate their business. They create products that others desire because they are exclusive, quality and unique. People want what they create. Something beautiful and powerful happens when we create something others desire. It gives us purpose, importance and worth.

KEZA is not about pity; it’s about dignity. I believe that may be the most powerful contribution we could bestow upon Africa.

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