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Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery. None but ourselves can free our minds.

Bob Marley


Moments Rather Than Minutes

This photo was taken in Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo. Natty is Rwandan, but he lived in Kingston, Jamaica from 1977-1979, where he was heavily influenced by his close friendship with Bob Marley. 
When I lived in Rwanda, Natty performed a benefit concert for Heal Africa, organized by Harper McConnell (one of my favorite humans). Ilea and I were fortunate enough to help out with the event. And it was a pivot for me...
At one point, I was standing there in this packed night club in Goma around 10:00 PM. The streets were covered with lava rock and dust and the sound of gun shots rang in the distant background. With the military vehicles and rubble in the streets, it looked like a scene out of Mad Max. 
As the music filled the room, I lost myself in it, swaying in harmony with the sea of people. Natty was completely in the flow. It was magical, other-worldly, like we slipped into a “thin place". I remember thinking, “This is my life! I’m living this right now.” I tapped into every element of the moment, fully present. I could feel the fabric of interconnectedness between us all. 
It moved me. Since that day, I’ve had a practice of stopping and tuning into all the elements around me and feeling deep gratitude for the opportunity to experience that moment. With friends, I often say, “Hey. Close your eyes and take this in. We are right here, right now, fully in it. Feel the wonder. Soak it in. Tap into it. This is our life!”. 
With my children, I've adopted the philosophy that "I want to live a life full of moments rather than minutes". Every minute is a chance to have a moment with my kids, to soak it all in. 
Relationships are what I value most. 
With humans, nature, technology, etc. 
With that in mind, 
I want to live my life in moments, 
rather than minutes.
I think about this so much when I’m with family and friends. 
I don’t ever want to be focused on the minutes passing by. 
I just want to be here, now, completely present. 
I’ve got little concern for minutes. 
I look at life as an opportunity to create meaningful moments. 
Loose yourself in them. 
It’s a little dose of magic each time. 
I wish you many moments like that. Full of wonder and awe. These moments are always available to us. We just have to make space for them and allow them in. Carpe diem. 


  1. Joanne Miller on May 29, 2019 at 8:11 AM

    This is awesome, Jared. I am going to link to this in my art newsletter this week. It ties in well with the blog I am writing. Well said!

  2. Jared on May 30, 2019 at 5:22 PM

    Thanks so much, mom!

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