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Natural Born Philanthropist

What is philanthropy? Am I a philanthropist or is that just something rich folks do? How do I become more effective as a philanthropist or activist? What are the most effective approaches and tactics?
I’ve just published my FREE Manifesto, Natural Born Philanthropist on the nature and potential of philanthropy. This is a story about the act of “loving human beings”. 
I’ve been deeply engaged in altruistic behavior for over 25 years. I’ve studied human behavior, spirituality, economics, and lots of other social and scientific research. I lived and worked full time in human rights in East Africa for a decade and spent two years studying organic living in Costa Rica. 
Along the way, I’ve noticed some patterns and alternative ways of addressing the most persistent maladies of the world.
Philanthropy is a natural expression of humanity. As we expand our own abilities to express empathy and compassion, we are opened up to a new world of possibility and deep connection.
If you love humans and organize your priorities and lifestyle around our collective vitality, you are a philanthropist. 
Here is a brief outline I’ve created for understanding some of the fundamentals. 
People // The Humanitarian, soothing suffering
Politics // The Activist, systemic change
Perspective // The Philosopher, world view shift
In addition to the Manifesto, I can also help you create a Personal Philanthropy Blueprint so you can navigate this space with grace and effectiveness. Check out my website for consulting details. 
I put this Manifesto together to provide you with some strategic tools and lenses to utilize as you lean into your natural philanthropic design.
This perspective has afforded me a life of depth and meaning for which I'm extremely grateful. Now I'm passing those blessings on to you.
I wish you peace on your journey!
Check out the Philanthropy page for the FREE Manifesto and guidance on creating your Personal Philanthropy Blueprint. 
Please feel free to share this manifesto widely!
[Check out the quick intro video below.]

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