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I am so appreciative of everyone that subscribes to my blog. Unfortunately, due the ole Google and Feedburner merger, my subscribers are lost in cyber space. After months of trying to recover them, we’re still no further along than before. The record is gone.

So I need to create a new blog feed. I’ll be shutting this feed down directly after posting this, so you won’t receive any more posts unless you visit my site again and re-subscribe. So sorry for that!

If you would like to keep receiving my blog posts, please click HERE and visit my site for the new feed. (Or, If your on my site now, just look to the right side of the page.) I’m more inspired than ever and would be honored to share more thoughts and inspiration with you.  

All you have to do is enter your email address in the box to the right that says RSS Blog Feed, just like before. You already know I don’t use it for anything other than to push my blogs out to you. That’ll never change.

Again, thank you for caring to read my thoughts. It means so much to me.

Much love, Jared

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