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I’m convinced that a large part of what holds Africa (and others) back from being a “developed continent” stems from a less than desirable branding trend. The international aid community has done a phenomenal job of branding her as some sort of Mad Max desert overrun with corruption, disease and poverty. However, I assure you that is not representative of the Africa I know and love.

The typical American (and Sarah Palin) doesn’t understand that Africa is actually a continent, the second largest in the world, not a country. She’s overflowing with natural resources and some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. She produces 46% of the world’s chromium, 48% of its diamonds, 29% of its gold and 48% of its platinum, just to name a few of her attributes.

I’ve always said “Hey, if you don’t brand yourself, the market will do it for you, and it may not be as glowing of a brand as you’d hope for.” That is certainly the case with Africa. But it’s not too late. In fact there’s good momentum in the right direction (thank you Bono).

It’s time to start re-branding Africa for what she really is; one of the most awe inspiring continents on the planet, abundant with resources and room to make it all happen.  So I’m writing a series of blogs on this topic. No idea how many there will be, but it’s a multifaceted topic, so probably quite a few.

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