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Reform It

Diamonds don’t kill people in Sierra Leone. The structure of the diamond business does. Should we stop buying diamonds? Not at all. Don’t take away their most valuable resource. Reform the way it’s produced and sold. What if we reformed the way the diamond business is carried out? What if the money from diamond sales actually went back to the harvesters?

“Sustainable business” is one of the most popular terms used in the developing world, especially Africa. What could possibly be more sustainable that our nation’s vanity? Call it what it is. We aren’t some pious society that’s going to eat granola and save the manatees all day. We care about our appearance. And we always will.

So why not take an extremely sustainable business sector and connect it to a group of people in the developing world that are trying desperately to create viable products?

Capitalism and vanity don’t have to destroy humanity. We just have to reform the way the businesses that fuel them are carried out.

KEZA gives purpose to our vanity.

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