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Shine So Bright

Back in 2011, I wrote a short blog about called Sweet Discipline. Self-discipline has always been a source of joy rather than pain in my life. Discipline has afforded me healthier relationships, excellent physical health, and meaningful work. 

I've long been attracted to the concept of being a monk or priest because I'm drawn to their deliberate, disciplined, and contemplative lifestyle. 

I've got my goals and intentions mapped out for the new year and most of it centers around spiritual growth and physical health. When those areas are aligned, I feel the other elements of my life sort of magically align accordingly. 

Every year I create a sentence that encapsulates my intentions for the year. Last year, I was focused on becoming more patient. As I listened and meditated, I realized the secret to exhibiting patience was to deepen my faith. The more I believe the universe is working on my behalf, the more patient I am in the process. 

This year, my intention is founded in the notion that I can't give what I don't have. For 2018, my intention is to: Love myself so deeply that my light draws out the light in others.

Are you living a deliberate, mindful life? Are you exhibiting the lifestyle, habits, and perspective that you hope others will live? 

Practicing mindfulness, deepening my awareness, living deliberately, and self-discipline are the tenants of a beautiful and harmonious life. As you move into the new year, I wish you harmony and flow. 

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