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Showing Up for Ideas

Lots of people pride themselves on their ability to point out the potential demise of an idea, thought, or concept. 
They look at the prospect and immediately begin to break down how it’s not going to work, or how it’s not a very intelligent or viable concept. 
I am a strategist. I am trusted to play chess with a brand, to see ten steps down the road and use my intuition to guide their path, to see the potential pitfalls and weaknesses. It’s important to discuss those, and to even work to turn them into strengths when possible. 
But my conscious self calls me to transcend beyond the potential, and often obvious risks and begin to explore the possibilities and potentially hidden opportunities. It’s a just a choice, a path. 
I can respond from a state of consciousness, wisdom, patience, kindness, and affirmation, or I can simply show them how good I am at pointing out the potential demise of their idea or thought. 
Who do I want to be for them? How do I want to show up? 
(A great way to explore that question is to ask yourself how you wish others would show up for you.)
The moment I turn the focus from the dream to the potential demise, I’ve begun to weaken our connection, put them on the defensive, and create a negative expectation. That’s not how I want to show up. 
There are important risks and weaknesses to be contemplated and overcome. That’s a given, and lots of people can do that. 
What’s really unique and valuable is when you can inspire and equip people to overcome their potential shortcomings, rather than using the opportunity to focus on the negative. That’s real value. 
Focus is everything. It crafts our reality. 
I want to be someone that helps ideas come to life, that creative spark that moves something extraordinary into existence. So I choose to make that my focus.  
  • Who do you want to be for yourself? 
  • Who do you want to be for others?
  • What are you committed to cause?
We get to choose how we show up for the dreams of others. 
(And of course, this perspective applies just as much to how we show up for our own dreams.)

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