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Snow Globe People

In America, the land of freedom, there is a tendency to create a Snow Globe world. People create a way of life that is comfortable and safe. They find others with similar beliefs and lifestyles and develop a culture or religion. We often refer to their dwellings as “the suburbs”. Anything outside the Snow Globe is generally believed to be scary, off limits, unattainable and downright crazy.

Snow Globers spend most of their life creating parameters and limitations for themselves. “I cannot do this because…” There’s a lot of fear involved, but it’s typically overshadowed by the appearance of success via material wealth. They are not ignorant of this dynamic either; it is a deliberate practice.

Comfort, security (job, financial, relationship) and normality are the cornerstones of the Snow Globe. They share a sacred agreement that taking risks, thinking outside the box, traveling the world, and the absence of a 9-5 job and 401k is reckless and irresponsible. “Impossible” is the excuse most commonly used to describe dreams and ideas outside the Snow Globe.

They would have radically disapproved of revolutionaries such as Einstein, Galileo, Gandhi, Pollock and Gates during their journeys. These guys took huge risks and lived far beyond the bounds of the Snow Globe. They believed in crazy ideas developed in their garages. They were ostracized and condemned for habitual defiance of the status quo.

This mentality often develops and fosters an underlying myopic “us and them” doctrine, separating them from humanity.

And then there are the crazies that believe they are all interconnected and anything is possible when we believe and stand together. They don’t let fear or limitations detour them from anything they believe in. They call them humanitarians, delusional, reckless. I call it ubuntu. The way we were created.

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