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Sweet Discipline

I believe that most anything worth having or achieving typically comes as a result of discipline.

I work out daily because I want my body to perform optimally. Optimal performance helps me achieve the things I believe are most important. When I was learning Kinyarwanda, I disciplined myself to speak it when it was much easier to use a translator.

I’ve poured my heart and soul into many entrepreneurial businesses over the years, making many sacrifices along the way. Sacrifice, in and of itself, implies an act of discipline. In many ways, discipline is synonymous with perseverance.

Conditioning myself to employing a worldview perspective is a discipline that affords me a great deal of peace and balance. I’ve disciplined myself to always see the positive in life. That’s what I default to first.

It takes a lot of discipline to foster a healthy relationship. If I don’t prevent myself from reacting in anger or frustration, it causes serious problems. I have to choose to remain calm, understanding and to always positioning relationships above all else in life. This discipline has provided me with an absolutely beautiful marriage and many thriving relationships that I cherish.

Can you think of anything negative that comes from self-discipline?

Discipline leads to achievement. Consistent achievement leads to self-confidence, which leads to a higher quality of life and a sense of purpose. In the absence of discipline, I feel life is living me, rather than me deliberately seizing each moment of the day.

MLK and Gandhi were disciplined. Even the mere knowledge of being disciplined empowers me to do more and be more.

Discipline is an ongoing, deliberate commitment. It’s a direct reflection of your ethos and intention.

I believe the sweetest things in life are a result of discipline. And when I operate from that perspective, disciplining myself to achieve these things gets easier and easier.

It provides a path to achieving the things I want in life. Thriving relationships, a strong body, self-confidence, inner peace, life balance, understanding and wisdom are all the result of discipline.

The more discipline I employ in my life, the sweeter life becomes.

How does discipline play a role in your life? Can you connect your level of discipline to your quality of life?


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