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My Wellbeing is a Humanitarian Act

Until recently, my life has been focused so acutely on humanitarian efforts that, at times, I lost a bit of my own humanity along the way. Even as a child, I was strongly compelled to stand up for the oppressed. I’ve always followed my heart, which told me to serve others to the best of…

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Million Dollar Mindset | Sara Martin

I don’t know if I’ve ever reposted someone’s blog before, but this one was very well written, and worth passing along. Sara Martin is an excellent blogger, and very much of the same beliefs and lifestyle that I write about here. In Sara’s post, she writes about the psychological and emotional journey she went on while…

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Mama Altruism

I think it’s natural for anyone altruistic to continually seek higher forms of altruism. Lately, as Ilea and I raise Francois, I realize more and more how important it is to invest in children. I believe the best way we can develop a more peaceful world is to raise up generations of children committed to…

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Advancing In Another Direction

There are thousands of missions programs, aid agencies and good willed philanthropists in the world today. Altruism has been with us since the beginning of time, and I’m grateful for that. Unfortunately, a lot of the methodology used today also seems to be from the beginning of time. Civilizations change drastically over time. Our methods…

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