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Ferguson Unleashes a Movement for Racial Equality | This is America

Part III of “Ferguson Unleashes a Movement for Racial Equality” A wave of protests and discussions has swept across the nation as a result of the decision of the Grand Jury to not indict Darren Wilson for killing Michael Brown. When I look across my Twitter feed, I see post after post of peaceful protests…

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Not Another America

Fortunately, due to the endless flow of information via the Internet and the ease of travel, the world is becoming more and more aware of the long-term destructive effects of handouts and traditional aid programs. Aid agencies and humanitarians have begun to embrace the concept of “teaching a man to fish”, rather than giving him…

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Loving For Justice

Dr. King believed, “Justice at its best is love correcting all that stands against love.” This implies a deliberate action one would take to achieve justice; showing love. But love isn’t the easiest choice. When faced with a horrific injustice such as Rape in the Congo, it’s more natural to desire an abrupt end to…

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