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I Ask for Wonder

I’ve been a philanthropist and activist my whole life. It’s part of my identity. It derives from my profound love and reverence for our human existence and the gift of the magnificent cosmos in which we dwell. Over the last four years or so, my perspective on activism has evolved considerably. I wrote about that…

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A Year of Intention, Awe & Love

We’re all aware of the the implications of the ensuing increase of responsibilities the new year brings. Our global social agreement is that the beginning of the year is the time of assessment and recalibration. It’s the time for improving, everything. At the end of every year, I meditate on what I want to experience…

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Find The Awe

  Last night, Francois and I had one of our usual sessions of sitting on the roof, discussing life, God, planets, aliens…the usual. It’s a nightly tradition. He noted that most people don’t know about the things we discuss. They’ve never taken the time to study or even thought about the fact that they could.…

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