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Your Best

I can’t lay my head on my pillow at night and feel peace unless I know I’ve given my best. That doesn’t mean I won, or that the project was a success. It just means that I know I gave it my all, even if I failed. (Part of doing your best is recognizing and…

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Take Note

So, you have something important to say to a friend or co-worker. You start speaking and notice they are checking their phone or their laptop, looking around the room for something else that might be more worthy of their time. You feel disrespected and unappreciated. The recipient feels like their time has been wasted, and…

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What Does Your Trail Look Like?

Relationships are what I care about most. I believe relationships are most profoundly influenced by your level of care. It’s how others experience you. I talk to Francois (our son) quite often about his reputation, and his trail. How do people experience you? What do they remember about you? What is your story to the…

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The Caring Lens

I recently tweeted, “The difference between extraordinary business and bad business is not judged by the level of income, but the level of care. Caring wins.” The more experience I gain in business, the more I realize that when it comes to character traits, caring is the one I value most. In a recent post,…

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