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If I Want to do More?

Clients that come to me wanting to do more than just support an already existing charity, often ask me about starting their own charity or social venture that would serve a developing country. I typically have one standard reply. If you want to serve a developing country (or group of people), you’ve got two choices.…

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THE INDUSTRY OF AID: Charity or Business?

Giving to a charity feels good. If you were raised in America or the UK, you’re likely very comfortable and familiar with giving to various causes. It’s part of the fabric of modern developed society. We know there is a need for charity work, especially in developing regions like Africa. We need emergency food, access…

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Nutella Money

It’s those little things in life that sometimes do wonders to give us perspective. All of our housemates where in the kitchen the other night talking about the fact that we just got a nice (and much needed) tax return. I jokingly said, “Yeah, I actually almost splurged and bought some Nutella! But I didn’t.”…

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REBRANDING AFRICA: She is not a Charity Case

The Rwandan women we serve are former prostitutes. They’ve been beaten, raped and oppressed to a point where the only viable method for supporting themselves and their babies was to sell their bodies. Society regularly humiliated them to the point that they believed they were worthless.* It would be easy for us to tell that…

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