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Vulnerable and Interconnected

I have always been intrigued, and often mesmerized by the profundity of the eye, not only in humans, but in animals as well. The concept of the eyes being a window into the soul may be cliché, but that does not diminish its validity. In every moment that I allowed myself, or even forced myself,…

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The Easy Bowl

People crave comfort, security and ease. We have a long history of attempting to make life an easier ride. We call it “progress”. Towards what? Just like anyone else, I appreciate when something like communication or transportation or design is made easier through technology. That type of innovation enables me to more of what I…

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Comfort Is Not Extraordinary

Ilea and I were recently in NYC having dinner with our close friends Kerry and Al and Chris. Chris suggested we go to a small concert down the street. I was tired from meetings all day and said I’d rather not, but I would do it because I know I always enjoy it when I…

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