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The Year of Your Perspective Bank

  At our core, I believe each of us operates according to our perspective. Our beliefs, judgments, actions, inactions, fears, loves, desires and infatuations are founded in our perspective. Each of us has an perspective bank full of experiences that happened to us or that we specifically sought out. We don’t choose the environment we…

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Clear Eyes & Open Hearts

In 2006, I gave away everything I owned, left my partnership at the private equity firm and transplanted myself to Rwanda. I wanted to reinvent myself through new experiences and become more of who I wanted to be. To say that my time in East Africa {Rwanda, DRC, Uganda, Kenya} involved some difficult times would…

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More Humanity Please

Prior to the 1492 invasion, American Indians lived rather peacefully, and without money. They lived communally, taking care of one another. People did not act so much as individuals, but as one unit. Then we moved into the trading era, where American Indians began to trade with one another and the Europeans. Soon, society began…

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Let Him Find You Working

In Pastor Terry’s inspirational book TEN, he discusses the importance of audacity and how God created us to “Be an Actor”. As a lifelong philanthropist living in East Africa, I can certainly attest to the validity of this dynamic. God did not put us on this earth simply to bide our time until we go…

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Glue Boys: Mama Streetlight

Throughout my years in East Africa, I’ve often heard of the tragic epidemic of street children that numb the pains of hunger and desperation with glue fumes. However, until now, I had never actually witnessed it. Looking off the balcony of Philip’s apartment, I can see the corner where many these Glue Boys dwell. The…

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