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The Miracle of Notes

The Wallaby – The Original Wallet Notebook by The Miracle of Notes We are surrounded by miracles, out there in the ether all around us. But we have to make space for them to bloom and show up in our lives. I’ve always been deliberate about taking notes. I keep a notebook ( and pen…

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A Year of Intention, Awe & Love

We’re all aware of the the implications of the ensuing increase of responsibilities the new year brings. Our global social agreement is that the beginning of the year is the time of assessment and recalibration. It’s the time for improving, everything. At the end of every year, I meditate on what I want to experience…

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Your Perspective is Who You Are

We all possess the ability to change the way we view the world, which in turn directs how we react to the world. Our perspective is who we are. It is developed from our life experiences as well as our deliberate contributions and disciplines. From this we form habitual reactions, understandings and beliefs. For those that…

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You Can’t Calculate Enlightenment

Life should be cherished and experienced, not measured. We spend so much of our lives measuring what we’ve done, how good it was, if we met the goal and so on. Our “status” has become a quantifiable algorithm ranked by how many followers, impressions, and likes we have in our social networks. People still crave…

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