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The Empathetic Civilization

The Empathetic Civilization The topic of economics is always on my mind. It’s what makes the world go round. Each country has its own economic agreement. Developed nations all utilize some form of Capitalism. The US has its own brand of “American Capitalism” that sets it apart from other developed nations. About 60 years ago, we left…

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The Caring Lens

I recently tweeted, “The difference between extraordinary business and bad business is not judged by the level of income, but the level of care. Caring wins.” The more experience I gain in business, the more I realize that when it comes to character traits, caring is the one I value most. In a recent post,…

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We Do What We Want

Most people want more money, more time, better relationships, to loose more weight, to work out more, to finally go on that trip to Africa, or whatever the case may be. But when it comes to putting in the work, things change. We want the results of having a daily workout routine, but fail to…

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