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The Power of Perspective

What is perspective? It’s how we view the world; the lens we see through. It’s the platform from which we make decisions. It dictates how we react to the world around us. Every experience influences our perspective. The more experiences we have, the more robust and powerful our perspective becomes. Life happens, and those experiences…

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Your Perspective is Who You Are

We all possess the ability to change the way we view the world, which in turn directs how we react to the world. Our perspective is who we are. It is developed from our life experiences as well as our deliberate contributions and disciplines. From this we form habitual reactions, understandings and beliefs. For those that…

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Embracing the Gray

Society constantly pushes us to simplify life down to black and white terms. But I’ve found that the much of the beauty of life is discovered in the gray areas. Those areas that teach us, refine us and reveal who we really are. It’s where we find our character and what we’re made of. It’s…

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