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Killer Deadlines

Deadlines are important, especially for entrepreneurs. They keep us in line and productive, rather than just busy. We set deadlines because we believe they represent a reasonable amount of time to complete a project. And maybe they are aggressive, in order to push us to move faster. Good stuff. Some deadlines are set in stone,…

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Walk The Line

As children, we believe anything is possible. Our vision is clear; our hearts are pure. Our creativity knows no bounds. Our primary concern is to experience and share love with our family and friends. We are not limited by the need for fitting in. We are not governed (or limited) by a desire to collect…

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The Caring Lens

I recently tweeted, “The difference between extraordinary business and bad business is not judged by the level of income, but the level of care. Caring wins.” The more experience I gain in business, the more I realize that when it comes to character traits, caring is the one I value most. In a recent post,…

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Be More

Western society is largely driven by the desire to have more and do more. More money, more power, more recognition for their work, more time in the day. Make every sacrifice you can in order to create a long list of notable achievements, awards and things that you own. Then spend lots of time listing…

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Comfort Is Not Extraordinary

Ilea and I were recently in NYC having dinner with our close friends Kerry and Al and Chris. Chris suggested we go to a small concert down the street. I was tired from meetings all day and said I’d rather not, but I would do it because I know I always enjoy it when I…

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