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Your Best

I can’t lay my head on my pillow at night and feel peace unless I know I’ve given my best. That doesn’t mean I won, or that the project was a success. It just means that I know I gave it my all, even if I failed. (Part of doing your best is recognizing and…

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Advancing In Another Direction

There are thousands of missions programs, aid agencies and good willed philanthropists in the world today. Altruism has been with us since the beginning of time, and I’m grateful for that. Unfortunately, a lot of the methodology used today also seems to be from the beginning of time. Civilizations change drastically over time. Our methods…

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Everything Is Good For You

People so often become paralyzed by their failures. However, I don’t view these instances as “failures” at all, but rather “necessary steps to my success”. It’s not in the moments of abundance or joy that our character is strengthened. It’s the moments when we overcome obstacles and recover from perceived failures that free our souls…

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