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The Year of Your Perspective Bank

  At our core, I believe each of us operates according to our perspective. Our beliefs, judgments, actions, inactions, fears, loves, desires and infatuations are founded in our perspective. Each of us has an perspective bank full of experiences that happened to us or that we specifically sought out. We don’t choose the environment we…

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Not Another America

Fortunately, due to the endless flow of information via the Internet and the ease of travel, the world is becoming more and more aware of the long-term destructive effects of handouts and traditional aid programs. Aid agencies and humanitarians have begun to embrace the concept of “teaching a man to fish”, rather than giving him…

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Snow Globe People

In America, the land of freedom, there is a tendency to create a Snow Globe world. People create a way of life that is comfortable and safe. They find others with similar beliefs and lifestyles and develop a culture or religion. We often refer to their dwellings as “the suburbs”. Anything outside the Snow Globe…

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