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REBRANDING AFRICA: Deconstructing The Brand

We live in a world where shock value regularly trumps true value. Consequently international aid agencies either play ball or loose the opportunity for funding. And it’s not just the funding mechanisms that are tainted, it’s the “brand” that’s generated in order to garner the funds. The media are looking for scenes of destruction, starving…

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When Greatness Is Expected

The aid world talks incessantly about “sustainability” in Africa, especially in reference to setting up businesses. Isn’t that the least we would expect from a business in the West? If I operated a business in Nashville, TN, it’s unlikely I’d consider myself a success if I merely kept the doors open year after year. Yet…

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To Become Truly Great…

To become truly great, one has to stand with people, not above them. – Charles de Montesquieu – French Politician and Philosopher, 1689-1755

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