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The Greatest Love Story Ever Told

The Greatest Love Story Ever Told I’ve had the privilege of meeting some real-life heroes over the years through my Africa, Coast Rica, and US travels. One of those heroes is Chrissie Lam, founder of the Love Is Project and The Supply Change. It all started in 2012 with a simple LOVE bracelet project collaboration with the Masaai in Kenya.…

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Let Me In

Our friend Jonathan Olinger at HUMAN recently wrote and directed the latest Alicia Keys video, Let Me In. The film is a tribute to the refugee crisis around the world. There are more refugees today than at any other time in history. Half of them are children. Despite all our technical advances, the exponential growth of these…

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The Revolution Begins at Home

In my 20 years of philanthropic endeavors, I’ve certainly been guilty of “fighting for peace”. But after many years of deliberate studies lifestyle transformations, I’ve awakened to the irony of that tactic. Why do I gravitate towards fighting? I suppose it’s in my blood. But I also know it’s mostly just because I care so…

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This Is Our Privilege

Babies are awe inspiring. The most complex, raw, beautiful and powerful gift we will ever experience. They are a part of us, yet something entirely their own; truly unique. As a recent first time father, I’ve been awestruck throughout the entire process of Ilea being pregnant, giving birth and now having spent five weeks with…

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