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Let Love Rule | An Account of Activism

  What exactly does it mean to be an activist? I don’t believe there is any hard and fast definition or expectation. What I am describing here is a lifestyle of activism, largely because that is what it has always been for me. But anyone can be an activist, no matter your cause or the…

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Million Dollar Mindset | Sara Martin

I don’t know if I’ve ever reposted someone’s blog before, but this one was very well written, and worth passing along. Sara Martin is an excellent blogger, and very much of the same beliefs and lifestyle that I write about here. In Sara’s post, she writes about the psychological and emotional journey she went on while…

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Break the Silence

The proliferation of the internet has resulted in a substantial increase in worldwide accountability. Big industries can’t get away with sweatshop labor as easily as before. Tyrannical dictators are being tracked down. Famines are being addressed. We’re watching now. And we’re empowering the masses. I’m grateful for this increasing phenomenon. However, this dynamic also intimidates…

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That Looks Different

Most people have an expectation of what philanthropy or humanitarianism should look like. And much of it has little to do with the impact being made through their efforts. If someone drops they’re “normal” existence, moves to Calcutta and dedicates their life to attending to the sick and the poor, it’s expected they will undoubtedly…

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