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The Power of Motivated Millennials

The Power of Motivated Millennials Chris Tuff is the national bestselling author of The Millennial Whisperer. His perspective on millennials, and his ability to understand and inspire them, is what earned him the title. To me, the millennial discussion a is a discussion about the future of humanity.  Chris is an identical twin. Navigating that unique…

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Dedicated Servants

Last week I Tweeted “Leadership: getting others to fear you is easy, if not lazy. Getting people to like you and inspiring them to follow is truly remarkable”. When we think of leaders, we think of someone strong, decisive, disciplined and able compel others to follow. But all too often, people are in a position…

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What Will Be My Life

In March 2006, I dropped everything in Nashville (TN) and moved to Kigali, Rwanda to pursue my dream of developing businesses that would foster an image of beauty and excellence for Africa. About two weeks into it, I met Francois Murengerantwari. He was an 11 year old street kid, selling some odds and ends at…

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Be the Attitude

Gandhi famously and profoundly posited, “be the change you want to see”. This practice of being the change is just as applicable to relationships, leadership and many other facets of life as it is to good will towards mankind. The best leaders are ones that inspire and lead by example. They are on the front…

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