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The Wrong System

Society, as we know it, has almost always been based on a capitalistic foundation. Money is at the center of it all. It is interesting to me that the most paramount aspect of our society is man made. It’s not natural at all. Man created currency as a way to control other men, and somehow…

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Priorities & Perspective

As 2011 has come to a close, my mind has been dwelling more on society’s perspective and priorities. The developed world has created a completely different and unnatural reality and worked diligently to convince society that this way is the only way. And I certainly see the ripple effect even here in Kenya. It’s fueled…

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When Does Goodness End?

What if I write a book that enables poor people to start their own businesses and earn an income that provides for their family and I sell it for $15? Then I donate $5 from every sale to a fund that helps some of those businesses get off the ground. What if I sell 1,000…

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Why do we say “Social Entrepreneur”?

I keep having this issue with the term “social entrepreneurialism”. I agree with the concept, and consider myself to be one of them. But the word “social” doesn’t seem to work for me. And why do we have to have a term for this anyway? Shouldn’t your success as an entrepreneur be gauged on whether…

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