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The Choice to Value Love

The country of Bhutan protects 51% of it’s land for conservation, ensures that 60% of the land is covered in forests and is one of the top ten most bio diverse countries on the planet. What does Bhutan value? Costa Rica’s national slogan is “pura vida”, meaning “pure life”. 25% of their land is protected…

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The Way of the Gun

In the early 1400s, Europeans came to the Americas. In 1776, the United States gained independence from Britain and our Founding Fathers wrote the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution shortly thereafter. From the 1400s to the 1800s, those Europeans completely annihilated over 100 Million indigenous people across North, Central and South America, 19 Million…

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Ferguson Unleashes a Movement for Racial Equality | Environment Matters

Part II of “Ferguson Unleashes a Movement for Racial Equality” Before diving into today’s racial issues, it’s important to understand the dynamics that have contributed to the environment in which black Americans have been raised. Since it’s inception, America was developed through the bloodshed of millions of American Indians, to the extent that their race…

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