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Faith & Patience

Faith & Patience Recently I wrote about my 2017 New Years Intention to become more patient. Obviously, that’s an ongoing process, and now I’m working into some deeper elements. Ultimately, I’ve come to the conclusion that patience not only requires one to have faith, it also implies that you have faith that what you want or…

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Patience Begets Peace

Conflict is inevitable, especially if you care enough to push for change. Common reactions to conflict are to avoid it entirely, deny it or fight it. Governments and other democracies tend to find it easier, and quicker to just attack and destroy the opponent, rather than try and work it out. It’s more efficient in…

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Patience is a Virtue

People often say, “Good things come to those who wait”. Sure, from time to time we have to sit back and wait on someone or something, but I do believe there is a significant difference between waiting and being patient. Patience is something you practice. It’s intentional. It’s a character trait you refine through the…

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