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Your Perspective is Who You Are

We all possess the ability to change the way we view the world, which in turn directs how we react to the world. Our perspective is who we are. It is developed from our life experiences as well as our deliberate contributions and disciplines. From this we form habitual reactions, understandings and beliefs. For those that…

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Menial or Meaningful?

We have 25 large plants in our tiny condo. They bring a lot of life into the house. Unfortunately, we’ve welcomed in another, not so welcomed, life form. Ants. Millions of them, laying white cotton-like nests all over the leaves and slowly killing our plants. The plants were in need of some de-anting, pruning and…

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REBRANDING AFRICA: This is Better Than That

If I’m a photographer working in Africa, I’m going look for the most mind blowing and disturbing images I can capture. That’s my purpose. I gather pictures of starvation, disease, filthy hospitals, rebels with guns, dictators with gold plated vehicles and children with distended bellies and flies on their faces. I will use these photos…

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