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Liberation Philanthropy

I’m a firm believer that we all have a choice. We make choices every second of our lives that determine our reality. Ultimately, we all do exactly what we want; it’s just a matter of how badly we want it. But does a child growing up in the inner city in Chicago or Compton understand…

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THE INDUSTRY OF AID | Introduction

Africa is the second largest continent, bursting with more natural resources than any other, yet still behind much of the rest of the world in terms of economic development, peace and health. Why? There is no simple answer, but there are some consistently predominant contributors. Pre-colonization Africa was peaceful and self-reliant. Colonials moved in and…

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REBRANDING AFRICA: Entrepreneurs Empower the Poor

For many years, KEZA has focused on what the aid world refers to as the “poorest of the poor”. It’s become another buzz term like “sustainability” or “capacity building”. These terms help attract volunteers, donors and public awareness. However, we’ve recently taken a step back to reanalyze our methodology. There are thousands of entrepreneurs all…

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